Below we present a full list of them – thanks to them you will pay less for buying a policy for your four wheels.

Avoid paying premiums in monthly installments – the high prices of motor policies mean that most drivers spread the payment into several installments. In the UK, you can pay up to 30% more for compulsory third party liability insurance if you choose regular, monthly or quarterly installments.
Take care of your discounts – as you could read above, many British companies recognize the discounts for claim-free driving acquired in the country, so if you are just planning to move, try to drive the car accident-free or buy additional protection for your discounts.
Add an experienced driver to your policy – if someone close to you has a long history of accident-free driving, consider adding him as a second driver to car insurance in the UK. You can get an attractive discount in some companies.
Do not overstate the annual mileage – specifically the number of miles declared when insuring. Many drivers overstate their forecasted mileage because they have no idea how much distance they actually travel per year. However, it is worth approaching the matter honestly and assessing your needs so as not to overpay for a Third party,
Bet on a small car with low fuel consumption – the smaller and more economical the vehicle, the cheaper the car liability insurance – England is a country with several dozen insurance classifications. Cars with small engines usually belong to the first group, characterized by the lowest fare.
Increase the Excess amount – that is, own contribution to the value of any compensation. If the company awards you £ 2,000 in an accident and the declared Excess is £ 300, you’ll only get £ 1,700. You will have to put the missing £ 300 out of your pocket. Where’s the savings here? Yes, it is – the higher the amount of Excess you report on your policy, the more you will reduce your premium.
For many people, the purchase of a compulsory policy is a big financial challenge. To minimize costs, take advantage of our insurance consultations, thanks to which you will increase your chances of purchasing the cheapest policy on the British market